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Rajputana Resort is a boutique luxury experience and offering ideal bird watching opportunities within the property due to the vibrant plantations spread across the acreage. In continuation of our ongoing efforts to develop new and exciting experiences within the Landscape and reduce our carbon footprint, we offer myriad range of low impact and unique experiences which otherwise one wouldn’t normally do.

Families beam with laughter and children frolic around in the resounding hallways as families and friends enjoy a wholesome gourmet experience. Happy moments and warm smiles are exchanged, and beautiful memories are created to cherish for a lifetime.


A Basket Full of Nature

In every season Rajputana Resort provides a complete exposure to the nature from all corners. The endless range of hills running parallel to the resort, binds your sight with its charismatic view. As far as you could see, you would only see the hills.

Rajputana, surrounded by natural beauty and lush greenery offers everything that the heart desires while looking for a perfect holiday experience. We give our guests the best room services as well as mouth-watering delicious cuisines at the in-house restaurant to feast on during your holiday.


• Located on NH-74 (Nainital-Dehradun)

Nearest Cities :
• New Delhi - 180 Kms
• Dehradun - 140 Kms
• Haridwar - 90 Kms
• Rishikesh - 110Kms
• Nainital - 160kms
• Moradabad - 60 Kms

Nearest Railway Station
• Dhampur - 3 Kms
Nearest Airport
• JollyGrant (Dehradun) Domestic Airport - 125 Kms
• PantNagar (Haldwani) Airport - 120 Kms

Transport facilities are readily available 24x7 to all destinations.